Ummeedon ki Udaan – livelihood and rehabilitation for persons with disabilities. 

Ummeed Foundation’s “Ummeedon ki Udaan” project is a comprehensive initiative aimed at empowering the lives of over 750 registered differently-abled individuals. By focusing on various key areas, the project strives to ensure holistic development and sustainable livelihoods for these individuals. 

Key Focus Areas:

  • Healthcare Assistance: Providing essential medical services and specialized aids to improve overall health outcomes. This includes:
    • Physiotherapy and Medical Support: Offering tailored physiotherapy sessions and medical treatments.
    • Medical Aids and Equipment: Providing specialized equipment to enhance independence and the quality of life.
  • Educational Support: Operating a special school tailored for children with disabilities, offering customized education and therapeutic interventions.
  • Documentation Support: Guiding individuals through the documentation process, ensuring access to government benefits and support systems.
  • Vocational Training and Skill Development: Empowering individuals with disabilities through vocational & Skill training Registered under Skill India program.
  • Inclusive Employment Opportunities: Facilitating inclusive employment opportunities for trained individuals.
  • Government Scheme Awareness: Raising awareness and assisting beneficiaries in accessing government schemes that support differently-abled individuals.

Key Achievements:

  • Housing Allotment: Facilitated the allotment of more than 18 flats to persons with disabilities (PwDs) by the Thane Municipal Corporation, providing secure and suitable housing options.
  • Livelihood Rewards: Assisted widows and PwDs in filling out scheme forms to receive livelihood support under various TMC Thane Municipal Corporation (Government Body) schemes, offering Dry Ration support for sustainable livelihoods.
  • Community Integration: Conducting awareness campaigns and community events to promote inclusivity and foster a supportive environment for individuals with disabilities.