Ummeed Women Empowerment Programme

Impactful Outreach: UWEP has transformed the lives of over 1600 deprived widows, divorcees, and single mothers in Mumbra and surrounding areas. The program is dedicated to their welfare and empowerment. 

  • Registration Process: UWEP ensures thorough beneficiary registration:
    • Weekly Registration: UWEP registration is open every Thursday.
    • Baseline Survey: Understanding the unique needs of each beneficiary.
    • Official Registration: Recognition and registration of widows and single mothers.
  • Comprehensive Services: UWEP offers a spectrum of vital services:
    • Dry Ration Provision: Ensuring food security and financial relief.
    • Medicinal Assistance: Addressing healthcare needs.
    • Scholarships: Supporting the education of registered beneficiaries’ children, helping them pursue their dreams.
    • Skill Training: Enhancing livelihoods through various skill development courses.
    • Government Scheme Awareness: Guiding beneficiaries through the complex process of accessing government programs.
  • Menstrual Hygiene Support: UWEP also focuses on promoting menstrual hygiene, ensuring the well-being of registered beneficiaries.