Ummeed The Hope Free Special School 

Ummeed The Hope Free Special School, established in 2011, is the first initiative of Ummeed Foundation. It has evolved to become the only free Special School in Mumbra and the nearby vicinity within Thane District. Initially started in a small rented room, it received premises from the Thane Municipal Corporation, providing a permanent location for school operations. The school focuses on providing education and support to children with disabilities, offering specialized education tailored to their unique needs. It also provides various essential services, including speech therapy, physiotherapy, a Special Computer Training Lab, vocational training, documentation support, and I.Q. Test Camps.

By Renting Rooms, to the premises allotted by Government

Key Points : 

  • Specialized Education: The school offers tailored education for children with disabilities, creating Individual Education Plans (IEPs) and facilitating one-on-one interactions for effective learning.
  • Speech Therapy: Advanced software is used to provide speech therapy services, empowering students to improve their communication and interaction skills.
  • Physiotherapy: The school offers physiotherapy services, supervised by Dr. Ali Irani, to enhance students’ mobility, motor skills, and overall physical function.
  • Special Computer Training Lab: Visually impaired students benefit from a Special Computer Training Lab equipped with advanced, visually-impaired-friendly equipment, preparing them for educational and vocational success.
  • Vocational Training: Students over 18 receive vocational training programs, improving their prospects for meaningful employment and financial independence.
  • Documentation Support: The school assists students and their families in navigating paperwork and documentation required for accessing government and other support schemes, ensuring they receive entitled resources.
  • I.Q. Test Camp: Regular I.Q. Test Camps assess students’ cognitive abilities, allowing educators and therapists to tailor interventions based on individual strengths and weaknesses.