Ummeed Health Centre 

Your Gateway to Comprehensive Healthcare and Monthly Medication Support

At Ummeed Foundation, we believe in the power of comprehensive healthcare, and our Ummeed Health Centre stands as a testament to this commitment. We offer a holistic approach to patient care, where individuals not only receive expert medical consultations but also have access to vital monthly medications, ensuring their well-being and health are our top priorities.

Key Impact : 

  • Expert Medical Consultations: Our dedicated team of Medical Social Worker (MSW) doctors provides personalized healthcare consultations, addressing a wide range of medical conditions with compassion and expertise.
  • Monthly Medication Support: Through our collaboration with Khidmat Charitable Trust (KCT), we provide over 5000 essential monthly medicines, tailored to each individual’s specific requirements.
  • Government Scheme Participation: We actively engage with government healthcare schemes, facilitating over 90 critical operations and ensuring that individuals receive the medical attention they need.