Telemedicine centre with Indian Army at J&K

Ummeed Foundation’s telemedicine initiative, in collaboration with the Indian Army, leverages digital technology to provide vital healthcare access in remote areas of Jammu & Kashmir. This project is a lifeline for residents of the challenging border region of Machhal, addressing healthcare disparities and extreme conditions. It offers 24/7 real-time doctor consultations, diagnostic tools, and medication management, contributing to improved healthcare outcomes.

Key points : 

  • Digital Healthcare Access: Provides remote healthcare services via video conferencing and digital tools.
  • Comprehensive Healthcare Features: Offers real-time doctor consultations, diagnostic tools, electronic health records, and medication management.
  • Medicine Vending Integration: Easily integrates with Medicine Vending Machine for medication dispensing.
  • Ambulance Support: Provides two heavy-duty ambulances for emergency transport.
  • Digitalization in Healthcare: Represents the growing trend of digitalization in healthcare, making quality care accessible in remote areas.