Ummeed Food House for the past 7 months have been serving food to people of backward/slum areas at Devripada, Rashid Compound, Kausa, Mumbra at just Rs. 5/-.



With your support we can serve more backward areas in Thane district.


Description of Ummeed Food House


  • Daily Beneficiaries: 450-500 people.
  • Steps:

Form filling
Issue card

  • Serving Portion: A spoonful of 230 grams rice and 230 grams gravy.
  •  We have a registered food license.
  • Have colour code coupons as Pink is for Widows, Blue is for Specially abled and Senior citizens, Green is for Daily wage earner and other.
  • We provide food in Containers only.
  • Distribution timing: 7:30 pm – 9:00 pm.