Since olden days, females do not speak out on menstruation because of hesitation due to which their problem is not addressed and leads to hazardous disease. The awareness on menstrual hygiene and usage of sanitary napkins is very low in the underprivileged section if a normal girl/women cannot speak up on this, how can one with special needs will communicate on this topic?


Project ‘Menstrual Hygiene’ is a unique initiative that was launched by UMMEED FOUNDTION in 2018 with the primary objective of bringing about change in the attitude and practices about menstruation among females. The core of this project involves facilitation of workshops creating awareness on menstrual hygiene, to remove taboos surrounding the subject of menstruation and to make available hygienic and economical sanitary supplies for underprivileged girls/women.


Ummeed Foundation has conducted workshops on ‘Menstrual Health and Hygiene’ this took us to actively arrange menstruation awareness amongst special girls/women’s in tribal areas of 10 districts in the state Maharashtra including Palghar, Latur, Thane and more; where special girls along with their parents/guardians are prepared and get aware about menstrual hygiene. Initially it was very difficult to communicate as there are different categories of disability i.e. Mentally Challenged, Physically Challenged, Hearing Impaired, Visually Impaired and others, but our team of special educators made it easy, educate and discuss issues and provide them with sanitary napkins for a year. Same project are undertaken for the normal girls too.

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